Welfare Food Challenge

From October 16 – 23 people in British Columbia took on the challenge of eating on less than $26 for that entire week. This is the challenge that is faced every week by people trying to survive in British Columbia, with it’s unforgiving high cost of living. Raise the Rates, a coalition concerned with homelessness and poverty in BC, is the organizer of the Welfare Food Challenge. Check out this Vancouver Courier article.


Give Back This Halloween!

We Scare Hunger is an initiative put by Free the Children to help fix the unequal distribution of food. At Britannia Secondary, we will be collecting non-perishable food items this Halloween, as we go ‘trick-or-treating.’ This food will then be brought to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Even though the food bank is not a solution to hunger in Vancouver, every bit of food that is donated helps feed those in need.

Please check out the site for We Scare Hunger!

World Food Day!

What role does food play in your life? In your family? In your community? In your region? Take this opportunity to reflect on these questions. Some of us have an abundance of food, while many have a deficit. So many skilled, talented, and educated people work towards developing a way to feed everyone on the planet with the required nutrients. What role can you play in making this a reality?

Check out this article for more info on this year’s World Food Day

10th Annual FarmAde

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This year I made my way to FarmAde, for the annual celebration of UBC Farm! In it’s 10th year, the draw to this event remains the same as the first day … promote the importance of local agriculture, a learning farm on campus, and to have a lot of fun! We lined up for grass-fed beef burgers, and local decadent corn. Aside from food, there were complimentary farm tours, information booths, and live music, all to be enjoyed for free! We found ourselves line dancing, and then trying a waltz, all under the perfect open sky, with a refreshing breeze coming off the fields. Make sure you find your way there next September! It is a family friendly event that makes me proud to be a student at UBC!

Food Safe

I recently completed level 2 of the BC Food Safe program. I am now working towards becoming a certified instructor, as this will allow me to offer the course to schools in the area. Both Britannia Secondary and the Take A Hike program are incredibly active with food related programs, with students demonstrating impressive culinary skills!

Canning Extravaganza!

This fall my wife Krystle and I managed to purchase more than 150 lb of fresh produce from the Okanagan Valley. Upon our return to the city, we had our work cut out for us. After 4-days requiring much organization, elbow grease, boiling water, chopping produce, and vinegar, we had a pantry full of goodies. Believe it or not, we have 151 jars in total … the same number as pounds purchased!

I hope to offer canning workshops in the future, and likely will do this next Summer. Please share your ideas, interests, or questions if you have any regarding this!