Course Breakdown

Date Activity Description People Involved

Week 1 – Introduction to Course and World of Food

July 16 What is Food? Discuss / Watch Food Inc.
July 17 History of Food Article and Interesting Facts
July 18 Food Safe Teach Safe Food Handling
July 19 Cooking Basics Introduction to Cooking
July 20 Knife Skills Demo Cutting Board Safety & Skill

Week 2 – Nutrition and Food Science

July 23 Food Rules Read / Discuss Book
July 24 Canada Food Guide Nutrition and Food Groups
July 25 Molecular Gastronomy The Magic of Food Science
July 26 Reading Labels Grocery Store Outing Safeway / Drive
July 27 No Class This Day No Class This Day N/A

Week 3 – Thinking Critically About Food and Media Literacy

July 30 Fast Food Nation Read / Discuss Book
July 31 Food in the Media Food Writers, Blogs and TV Abby Wiseman
August 1 Marketing of Food Focus on Junk & Fast Food
August 2 Urban Agriculture Tour and Lunch On-Site UBC Farm
August 3 Writing Assignment Write-Up on Food for Zine

Week 4 – Socioeconomic Factors and Etiquette

August 6 BC Day No Class This Day N/A
August 7 Basics of Etiquette Dining Manners / Customs Avelino Santos
August 8 Fine Dining Outing Tour and Lunch On-Site Le Crocodile
August 9 Poverty and Health Discuss Barriers to Nutrition
August 10 Resourcefulness 101 Eating Well on A Budget

Week 5 – The Big Picture: Globalization, Localization, and Sustainability

August 13 Global Perspective Bridging Different Cultures
August 14 100-Mile Diet Benefits of Local Food Bonita Magee
August 15 Ecological Footprint Costs of Food Consumption William Rees
August 16 Clean-Up Day Pizza Lunch and Giveaway of Supplies Early Dismissal
August 17 Food Bank Outing Tour / Donation (Picnic) Raymur Avenue

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